Saturday, September 1, 2007


New colouring technique is easy and adequate. If I do it like this I can produce "real" ink artwork and the colouring (which I'm not excited about anyway) can happen completely seperately later - done by me or a colourist. (Have checked comic books in collection. Have noticed that almost all of them are not coloured by the artist billed on the cover.)

Old scanner, however, is beyond the pale. No calibrating I can do gets usable greyscale scans out of it. Maybe it's time to upgrade after all... It was the cheapest one in the shop, a couple of years back or so. Sigh.

Here's a fuzzy monkey.

Would be a crispy monkey if I'd had more than £40 to spend on that scanner.


Eric Orchard said...

I think these are great. I'd use some digital if I could make it look that organic. I wish I had a steam powered, victorian edition of photoshop.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hah thanks for encouragement :)

If I could paint in colour properly I wouldn't touch it! I got no sense for colour though... not even a one. Never mind! If I get this to printing standard I'll be fine!