Sunday, September 2, 2007


... I'm doing one of my Least Favourite Things today. Actually it wound me up yesterday so much already that I didn't sleep much. I'm setting up a computer workstation. As opposed to having a laptop that I sometimes pull out to communicate with the world, now it will ACTUALLY TAKE UP LIVING SPACE with cables and screens and all that. :(
I can't quite express how annoying this is, but maybe you can just about imagine if you think that I'm already sharing my room with two huge drawing desks, four finches and a double bass, alongside the usual (wardrobe, bed, comfy chair, library). And that I got it all set up so it exactly fits together WITHOUT a computer work station.
One day I'll have a studio... but to earn money for that, I need to get colouring now. On my coffee table, blocking half the wardrobe.


Also have to fill in a book promo form and start thinking about tax returns. Bah bah. Bah.

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