Thursday, September 20, 2007

Busy again


Must Do Tax Now. Have already sorted paperwork from my IMPORTANT PAPERS box and my ACTUALLY IMPORTANT PAPERS box.
I like staggering my important papers so that when I get in a tizz about needing to find one I can work from the top down instead of digging through loads of recipes for my birth certificate. In fact, I can heartily recommend sorting important papers in a way that keeps panic to a minimum instead of order to a maximum. As every year, to my mild amazement the ACTUALLY IMPORTANT PAPERS box contained a very complete record of financial transactions in random order, plus a recipe for Finnish Mustard which I cooked to distract myself from the worst. It's mustard powder, sugar, cream, vinegar and oil boiled into a thick brown paste, in case you're interested. Then I ordered a kilo of therapeutic putty and now I need to start making dinner, which is ham in cherry coke. And inbetween I am worrying about Henry the finch - he suddenly ate so much this morning that he fell off the perch and looked very miserable with a beak full of millet. He seems ok now... sorry I am behind with my communications! So much to do.

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Stephanie Roth said... time again... i know what you mean about the paper piles. They become much more frightening when their contents are unknown. I'm paying bills today and I'm going through a similar sort of thing- ugh! But no tasty recipes in the bill pile! Just lots of friggin' bills...and clients that are late in paying- very late...sigh....