Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Why I didn't get much done today


OK, in case you didn't believe me: here's a photograph of what happens when Helga gets into my knitting bag. That wool stretches all across the room right into the cage, and she is busy tying up all the perches.
So I sorted that out, and what do I see??? She's laid an egg. Off the perch, splat onto the cage floor. So THAT'S why she's getting desperate with the nest-building! So I stopped drawing and made her a new nest from an old easter-egg, and now she's sitting in it. And the finches are trying to move in there, too.


It's all very distracting, and in the end I visited downstairs to work in the garden, and at last worked out the anatomy of my Behemoth. I had to draw it from the inside out to understand how to do it. Ooof. So I hope tomorrow I get all my actual Behemoth-drawing done.

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