Sunday, August 5, 2007


I spent a lovely Sunday morning knitting in bed, with Helga flying around the room. She tried to pull out my hair and steal my knitting for nesting material, and the finches were singing their honky-tonk finch songs.

New Knitting Project

Knitting in the morning is great... when I wake up, I often haven't quite got my mood in place. I'm pretty mild-mannered in the day, but I normally wake up incredibly cross about some person I just had a nightmare about, or I've dreamed of living in a place I really like and wake up in London - then I remember that I forgot to do the washing up or put the bins out the night before, and then I need a cup of tea and count my blessings, and by the time I've drunk it I'm happily bumbling along again. Knitting makes the transition a lot more pleasant, because I can get all the evil morning thoughts over and done with without paying much attention to them, and count stitches instead, and maybe hum to myself.

Excuse me, Helga just went into my sewing basket, found the end of a spool of thread and flew across the room with it... I just heard the sudden noise of un-spooling and saw a thin line of purple cross my field of vision. By the time I got to the cage she'd already tied it around both her legs and all the perches and was dangling upside down.
That's why you shouldn't leave your canaries unobserved, folks! - All sorted now, she's oooo-kay. Phew.

What was I going to say? Oh yes, here's a bit of work I did yesterday. As you see, new project is (at last) to do with sheep. I've ALWAYS wanted to do a big book on sheep!!!

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