Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Red Bag at Vauxhall

Yesterday I went to a meeting in Vauxhall with my big red bag. I took my three knitted cats (as presents for the team who worked with me on "There are Cats in this Book") and the rough dummy for part of my big new project, plus another small story.

Vauxhall gardens, all late-summery all of a sudden

I had a lovely time, and now I have two weeks to produce some colour artworks and character sheets. It looks like I might be getting to do the sort of work I've always dreamed of secretly... a big book full of everything I like, basically! Wish me luck, I'd be sad if it fell through.

Today I've got lots of work to do, and some reseach, too. I'm trying to find resources on non-digital colouring using seperation of ink-line and colour. I have a vague notion that there's a method printing faint blue lines in place of the ink-line, colouring that and then overlaying the black line, which seems straight-forward enough, but I'm trying to find out tricks of the trade and perils and pitfalls. I think I've worked out a slightly mad but do-able method by now which I'll try out this week... send advice if you know more, or wait and see what I'll do on my own... hah!

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