Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yesterday we did so much sorting and tidying of old clothes that I'm still sneezing today.
I also went and saw the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX, with the showdown in 3D - which was my first (ahemm) IMAX experience, and I had great fun. I vastly prefer the films to the books - the production design and casting - but mostly the editing. Every time I notice a change from the books I get that happy little feeling that good editing gives me. I am a big believer in editing.

In fact, I believe in editing so much it kills any conversation with a new acquaintance when they ask Inevitable Question Number Four: "Do they edit you a lot?" to which I reply: "Of course they do! Every step of the way!"
They hate that, oh they do.
Silly people. Editing is part of the creative process. Someone clever says "I think you can improve this bit", and you do. Maybe you do it like they suggest, or maybe differently. It's your work.
And if you don't do it yourself, if someone else is adapting a published work - so what? That work still exists, too. It's no loss.

Anyway, I really enjoyed that film.
AND the wardrobe is tidy.
And I'm almost through my fourth pencil on the project I'm working on (I'll show some soon).

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