Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I want to be comfi-turble too.

I've been very good learning to sit on chairs and all that, carrying my special support-pillow everywhere, but I've just decided that I deserve some time out. SO I went and bought some pillows and a lovely new throw from IKEA and now I have the most comfee bed ever. And today I shall huddle up there and finish drawing my big drawing project while running some classic Star Trek on the laptop in the corner and sipping Lapsang Souchong from my best Elephant Cafe cup, with the Finches whirring around overhead.

Comfy Bed

Here's my collection of pencils I already went through.

Pencil Stub Collection (growing)

By the way, I made a nice fitted winter cover for my birds out of an old blanket, with three sides to stay on in the day and keep them warm and a front to button on at night with two net-curtained windows. I'm quite proud. - They need the windows because they panic and fall off the perches when it's completely dark... strange birds.

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Kris said...

ohhhh that looooks comfy!!! Inspiering really!