Friday, August 31, 2007


...I just worked out something!

I do hate having to do digital colouring because the flat colours I want to use don't go with the grey tones I want to use (grey + colour = drab), and so I end up doing line drawings (which I don't like) and then adding the tonal variations digitally. Which is awful since that means my favourite part of the proceedings is taken away and replaced by prodding a graphics tablet. It gets me down like nothing else.
But I wouldn't mind digital colouring if only the pictures could be tonal in the first place so that I can feel that the drawing is "finished" to a degree I like before it goes digital.
All very boring, anyway, I just realised I could easily seperate a tonal drawing into black and grey areas and change the grey into blue.

So I did a very quick trial - see above - and I'm happy now. It's very faint, the blue, because my scanner likes to think I want no grey even in my greyscale scans. Looks a bit like an accident, still. But I think it'll work!
I'll likely be spending my week-end calibrating it to Mars and back to get it to actually pick up all the tone...

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