Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dr. Ph Martins Process colours

One thing I finally found out:
Have you ever spent too much time and money trying to work out which of these "Dr Ph Martin's" dyes and watercolours which are so very brilliant, useful and industry standard correspond to process colours so you can reliably mix them by counting drops? Well I have, so I thought I'd post this in case it saves someone from the pain of trying to work it out.

Synchromatic Transparent Dyes:
Process Cyan - Cervelean Blue
Process Magenta - Lake
Process Yellow - Lemon Yellow

Radiant Concentrated Watercolour:
Cyan - Ice Blue
Magenta - Moss Rose
Yellow - Lemon Yellow

The Synchromatic Dyes I am sure about, since I've got the information from reliable sources. The Watercolour I can't guarantee because I only worked it out by myself, trial and error (tell me if I'm wrong).

Just thought I'd post this, seeing how it drove me up the wall starting at the masses of little bottles in the art shop looking for anything with "process" in the name.

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