Thursday, August 23, 2007

Celebrity Dimpling

I just went grocery-shopping and didn't manage to not look at the gossip magazines by the check-out... always winds me up, but there was an especially rubbish one. Title page: big close up of J-Lo's thigh. Oh No! Signs of cellulite! - And do we get to rejoice and all feel that at last the war is over, the fortress has fallen, the world has to admit that that's what ladies backsides simply do look like? NO! Inside story: how you can beat it. - ARGH! If there were a way to beat it - wouldn't the ultra rich lady with one of the most famous perfect bottoms in the whole wide world be able to keep HERS smooth???


1 comment:

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hmm, I guess at least it makes ladies feel better about theirs to see a celebrity flaw.

Still stupid, all that. I get very irate at people confusing airbrushed coached temporary appearances with reality.