Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy, no?

Today I did some trampolining, then I went to the allotment, dug up a bucketload of potatoes, went for a swim at the pool, and hurried to Iceland just before closing time to pick up some milk. I was the last customer, but just as I was at the check-out a shoplifter got stopped at the exit. She had about four big bags of un-paid groceries and was shouting "I come here all the time!" - They locked the doors on her, and so I was waiting around while she ran around the aisles trying to escape. She always arrived back at the main door (after passing every isle, due to the layout of the shop).
She crashed into the locked doors at speed every time, hammered at the glass, screaming for help, then she ran around the whole shop again. I stood there with my big bottle of milk and watched her pass and wondered if there was anything useful I could do or say until they finally restrained her (by the sounds of it, somewhere at the back of the shop) and let me out. No one seemed particularly surprised, just a bit tired of working there probably. I'm not sure who I'm feeling most sorry for.... hm, probably the mad shoplifter actually.

And now it's evening and I think I can still get in a page or so of drawing...

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