Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Binding Booklets

Do you ever come across scans of old books on the internet that are just too nice to keep in a folder lost on your computer? Hmmm, I do.
Here's something to make and do:

Print out your pictures, line the sheets up nicely and cut them into a block of pages.
Then stitch them together Japanese-style...

Binding Books

Binding Books

Here's the stitching - it's easiest to make holes through the pages with a nail first (don't nail book to floorboards if living in rented accommodation). Then thread a big needle with some nice yarn and stitch it up like so (just start in the middle and keep in mind you want it to end up looking like this on both sides and you'll end up doing it right - or look here for instructions).

Binding Books

Makes a lovely gradual library... I've been doing this since university, building up a small library of lovely things... (I don't advise ripping off books that are within copyright.)
Also good for safe-keeping long magazine articles - or manuscripts.

If printing out text, try setting your document up it in two columns on a landscape page of A4. Set a generous gutter and margins. Print, fold in half, stitch along the "open" side, and presto! Double-sided pages! - Very useful for free e-texts, that. You can use the backsides of scrap paper.

Binding Books

Like this, see? Hm, a bit difficult to explain. Works well, anyhow.

(The pictures above are via Bibliodyssey - my favourite blog!)

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