Tuesday, August 7, 2007


OK, I just glued the stump of my latest pencil to my spare pin-board. I've started that habit recently - whenever one has become too short to work with. I just thought it was a shame not collecting them in some way, since they are all souvenir ones. The one I just finished was a British Museum one patterned with Egyptian cats, and now I'm onto a Huntarian Museum one. - Anyway, I've gone through that last pencil in about four days! I am enjoying this project more than anything I've worked on in a decade, adn it doesn't seem to be doing my drawing arm any harm. Must be that I'm not stressed about it!

This morning, however, I need to do some research - I decided to feature another huge monster, so now I'm looking up classic depictions of Behemoth. William Blake drew a wonderful one that looks rather like what one might reconstruct from an elephant skeleton without ever having seen one. No trunk, strange human ears... I may just stop researching already and use that one as it is.

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