Friday, July 6, 2007

The Witcher

Yesterday I got my ordered copy of Andrzej Sapkowski's "The Last Wish". I've been looking forward to that for some time - a new fantasy epic about a mutant assassin monster-hunter, told as a series of short stories following his journeyings, protecting the innocent and slaying the fanged blood-drinking murderous and bestial. The author is very successful in his native Poland, where the "Witcher" has already incarnated as a TV series and a swish-looking video game. So now the first Witcher collection is out in English, and I'm reading it.
I was disappointed rather immediately - it seemed clumsy and unpromising for the first few pages - but by page 15 a character jumped up and started yelling out a description of the royal princess - the first cursed monstrosity the Witcher is to deal with - and I found myself doodling in the margin.

I really enjoyed myself from that point onwards.

Here's a spread from my sketchbook... monster studies getting more inspired.


Steph said...

You really do have an amazing range of subjects that you render perfectly.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Tee hee...

Not such a very big range really, it all comes down to furry creatures & winged creatures and creatures with many fins.

My drawing arm's not hurting at the mo so I find myself able to render all the hairs on the furry creatures, like in the olden days... And no cute picture books on the go, just Space To Develop new Ideas. Yayy! License to be Nerdy!