Wednesday, July 4, 2007

To Ur and back

My favourite thing to visit in the British Museum are the treasures of the great death pit of Ur, one of these places where they didn't just bury the dead queen but EVERYONE, along with musical instruments and games to pass eternity.

The thing I like most, however, is this statue of a goat.
Seems no one knows what it was for. But it looks very friendly, doesn't it!

In the graves at Ur they also found the oldest game instructions in the world - along with the board and counters (it's a very good game actually) - and the oldest harps known to the world. They put them together wrong at first, which has to be forgiven seeing that the whole place was flat-packed without instructions when they unearthed it, and they mistook what was actually the tangled remains of two instruments for one really strange and large golden harp with a bull's head. They reconstructed it and said "This is weird and it sounds rubbish, even it's the only one of its kind ever found in the world, it can't be right..." But they worked it out eventually, and apparently it all sounds lovely now. - If you ever find yourself at the British Museum, climb up the stairs around the big round middle bit to the restaurant, and just behind that it's the Great Death Pit of Ur.


Steph said...

How great that you have access to so many wonderful exhibits and museums!! I'm jealous!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes that's a plus... I'm still working on making use of the city.