Tuesday, July 3, 2007


there was a WHOLE LOT OF HAIL.
I'd just come in from a shopping trip, somewhat dazed because I'd just seen someone being sick through his nose. Then I passed something that looked like a lot of blood in the road but might have been wine, and just when I thought that was a bit much all at once the sky opened up and dumped ice on the city.

That's my balcony there. It still looks like that an hour or so later. I climbed up on the roof when the worst of the storm had passed to check it wasn't flooding. Then I looked down into the street and saw it had turned into a river of ice.


Steph said...

oh mi gosh! Wow- that's CRAZY!!

Funny looking at all of this stuff falling from the sky there, here it's bone dry and burning (literally)

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was so weird! It had been raining before, on and off, but when I was on my walk it was dry and sunny... then it got really dark and the hail came down. I've seen worse hail storms, but in Summertime London it was simply incongruous.

Fr√łydis said...
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