Saturday, July 14, 2007

Popcorn Magic

My room is getting a definite Art Gallery Vibe. I got fed up with the scruffy old drawing board I nailed to my bed as a headboard, so I went and bought a tub of paint in a shade called "popcorn magic" which looked the same as all the other oddly named shades they had in Woolworth's - Almost White. First I painted the board, which was an improvement. Then I painted the huge cork pinboard. Then my ugly ugly speakers. Then any other object in the room that I didn't like the look of, and I packed everything that didn't really need to be on display into boxes. And I got rid of my mixed-up bedding and replaced all the sheets and covers with white cotton ones, and put up white curtains.
Now it's BRIGHT in here.
I think I'll do the shelves next.


Steph said...

Ahhh! Crispy, fresh, new! How fabulous is THAT? Funny what little bit of paint can do, huh? I'm in love with a color called "peanut shell"- sort of a neautral, warmish biege....wouldn't it be fun having the job of naming the colors of things?

Viviane Schwarz said...

It might get a bit mind-bending if all of them are off-white - Although... I remember I somewhere have a reproduction of someone's collection of different whites as occurring in nature. Different birds and furs and flowers and snows... I love colour names, actually.