Monday, July 30, 2007


I just had a cleaning frenzy, deciding it would be nice to have some space on the kitchen surfaces to, I don't know, use a chopping board or put down a plate... - I looked for a place to store the juicer, and found another juicer in the cupboard, and a cute vintage kitchen string kitty.
I suddenly realised that I have absolutely no need any more for funny-shaped tea kettles or mechanical waffle irons, fondue pots, a varied range of coffee-making equipment for visitors... My kitchen things used to fill me with a warm glow of security, now I'm just thinking: you space-eaters, you should be paying me London rent!
I scrubbed the kitchen surfaces and then went to put everything that I hadn't got rid of back on.
There was one electric kettle and a jar of onions.
How did that happen???
It's all so... shiny!

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