Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So... I am sticking my head out of the window and the world looks ok. I'll do what I didn't do yesterday because it looked like rain (ha ha) and go to the British Museum for some research.

Here's the BBC account of yesterday's freak storm... I half wish I'd been outdoors (sheltered though) at the time because all the people I saw out of the window looked so wide-eyed... like they'd seen the ghost of a tornado. I saw a lady striding past the house on the pavement and a car passed leaving a wake like a motor boat, splashing tall curtains of water. She got completely enveloped by water, bucketloads, and she just walked on like nothing had happened. I guess she probably didn't really notice... And the woman across the road was busy working at the drains before their house with a broom, it looked like she was trying to sweep the whole deluge down into the sewers.

Also the terror level is possibly being lowered from critical to severe, which should mean less stress in town but still lots of space on the tube. Normally one couldn't move in there for tourists at this time of year, but they are the first to get frightened off. Maybe some of them will try to navigate Zone one overground instead of popping up and down the tube like moles on the run. They might have a nicer holiday for it. I'm afraid many will just get marooned on Carnaby street though, trying to calm their nerves by staring at trendy shoes.

Here's a lucky accident incident for you: I'd left some clothes out to dry on the bathtub and they got splattered with bleach. It took the colour out completely in places... so Alexis painted me a portrait of Helga on the shirt, with more bleach.


Steph said...

Crazy days! Hail, angry people blowing things up, buckets of water pouring from the sky...

The T-shirt is great- I like the story of how it came to be- lemons to lemonade...I have so many clothes that have white bleach stains on them- a lot of my favorite clothing...sigh...but that's a GREAT idea to salvage them! That's a good look (the t-shirt and pants (here those would be called knickers, but isn't that the word for underwear there?" and the shoes- you have tiny feet by the way. All of the really cute shoes come in the tiny sizes.

It's the 4th of July (Indepence Day) here, I'm working today, but tonight plan to catch some fireworks at the beach.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Give it a go, it's great fun! I've already bought some more, at this moment I'm bleaching a red shirt into a tie-dye star trek uniform.

Man that is dinky feet I got there. There must be a lens distortion at work or something.

Happy Independence Day! Mmmm beach fireworks... ENVY!!