Saturday, July 21, 2007



I knocked myself pretty much flat working on Friday, now my back hurts. I got up in the morning to pick up my copy of Harry Potter - because whether I like the books or not, I'm not going to miss out on guessing the plot along with millions of other people - and I spent most of the day reading it out to Alexis. We made some bets before I started reading, and so far we have one point each. It's really rather cosy. Also I enhoyed the slightly weird neighborhood feeling of all these people walking into the shops on a Saturday morning all buying the same book from shops that didn't have it on display at all, but kept them behind the counter. And everyone who spotted it under my arm on the way home asked "where'd you got yours? How much?" I replied "WHSmiths, tenner" until someone behind me screeched "TRAITOR!" at the newsagents, I turned and saw it was the lady who runs the corner bookshop, buying milk and a paper I suppose. I replied, inexplicably, "It's not like it's a BOOK..."


Steph said...

I got mine today too. It is fun being part of mass frenzy of READERS! HOw great that there is such a thing. I'm looking forward to digging into mine tonight after the little dude nods off- Here's to global reading!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes, very important to get through before anyone tells me how it ends or whole global reading experience will be scuppered and will be left with mildly exciting book about, ahemm, wizards. Great like this though! I think I'll get more points, I made some wild guesses about Snape that seem less wild now. - Man, I really can't remember any of these background characters and earlier plot-twists any more, which probably means it'll all end Agatha Christie-like for me ("And who did it? Chester Gibbshead!" - And then you're leafing back through the early chapters to try and find out who on earth Chester Gibbshead was...) Never mind! We decided you get extra points if you can remember relevant information.