Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gouache and Ink

Oooh I do like this gouache! Why did I never properly try it before? Hm, I think when I was in college gouache was desperately un-cool, at least in the cluster of tables I was sitting at. Like overpriced antediluvian goo for people who didn't know how to use computers. But it's absolutely bloody marvellous! You can paint big loads of colour and then paint over it or whatever and draw on top or it and... it's great!!! And not as fussy-masterly as watercolour can look, it's got such a load of charming grubbiness (if you like), or crafty neatness (if you like) - it's reassuring. It reminds me of school-days, when we had to use dry gouache out of our paint boxes (and what a treat the liquid white from the tube always was, and how EVERY colour is like that now). Even the failed pictures have something going for them, in a home-made burned cookie sort of way.

I also just ordered a load more japanese manga nibs, in different strenghts, I got the one for "action lines" already, now I am getting some for "general use".

It's such a treat - the studio seems huge since we did our clear-out, and I am getting ready to write the first chapter proper of a book I love already. I put out five black bin bags of mostly shredded paper on the street last night, I can really feel the absence of that bulk! And I found a whole load of gloomy teenage poetry I wrote in school, how useful is that? I'm absolutely keeping that in case I'll ever write another teenage novel.


Steph said...

So great to find new toys! Someone turned me onto liquid acrylics a little while ago- they are liquid like water color, but opaque so you can go dark to light- fun!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Aaah I remember, I tried them a bit ages ago! Yes they are nice, and even work with some dipping pens, no? I forgot... yes fun!!!