Sunday, July 1, 2007

Eight Things

I just got tagged with... uhm... a blog thing that means I have to write eight things about myself now.

1) I don't like long sleeves. I don't wear wristwatches or rings. I'd sometimes like to but I just take them off when I'm not watching.

2) I get very sentimental about food that is served in lots of pretty little units, like spring rolls or neat sandwiches or filled dumplings. Anything where someone had to deal with every item individually and then made LOTS of them and gave me some of them to eat.

3) I like birds. I don't like dogs as much, but I really want one like the one that lives in the bookshop down the road. It's small and friendly and doesn't smell, and seems to like me.

4) I get very angry with objects and hardly ever angry with people. I won't tolerate any object in my possession that doesn't work properly. It's best not to come between me and an object that offended me. I have no mercy with objects.

5) My favourite objects are kites. I also like freight trains, ships, good tools and lanterns.

6) I got a collection of lipsticks. I find it difficult doing important work wearing no lipstick. Work for me requires a tidy desk, a cup of tea, music when I'm drawing but NOT when I'm writing, and lipstick. I think it's because I've trained myself to equate taste of lipstick with feeling of determination.

7) I very much dislike people who tell me what makeup I should not be wearing. Especially if they tell me "Men don't find this attractive" - ooooh that annoys me so much just THINKING about it. Uh! Uh! GRRR. WHOOO CAAAAREEEEES!!!! (oof)
The only thing worse is probably to tell me not to look "grumpy". Well... IT'S MY FACE! STAY OUT OF IT!

8) Looking at many pictures in quick succession makes me feel unwell. I don't like going to art galleries. I also don't like looking at photo albums and I often find it difficult to watch a whole movie. I read very fast and a lot and then I like seeing lots of pictures in my head, but even that makes me feel a bit woozy sometimes. I like Not Looking At Things, and Looking At Water, or Looking At Things That Spin Gently But Otherwise Demand No Attention.

There goes. Yah, that makes me sound suitably neurotic... Anyone want tagging next? I don't think I even know anyone to tag... now I'm a neurotic loner, great...


Steph said...

Hi Viviane, Thanks for being a good sport about the 8 things. It's a little like recieving a chain letter...I don't believe your a loner for one second. Not really.

On the subject of lipsticks- do you have a favorite?

Viviane Schwarz said...

:) was fun actually!

My favourite lipstick is probably the shiny orange YSL one my mum gave me, I couldn't afford one like that and it looks and tastes a class up from the rest. I got an everyday one the same colour from somewhere cheaper. But if I really have to think hard I put on "Penelope Cruz" or "Milla Jovovich" from the L'Oreal celebrity range...

Nah am not a loner really... classic introvert, I'd say. People are great but only in small amounts.

Steph said...

I'll have to give those a whirl. I like the Aveda lipsticks for summer. A lot of them are minty and feel refreshing going on.

Don't forget your virtual studio collegue community!

Viviane Schwarz said...

The Bourjois Docteur Glamour ones I like also... pretty colours and moisturising...
Minty? Is that minty and coloured? I'd buy that!!!

Oooh I love my virtual studio colleagues! Life would be a whole lot duller else...