Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deleter G-Pen

Last time I went to "Forbidden Planet" I picked up some manga nibs on a whim - always good to try out new nibs - and they are absolutely brilliant! So exciting... I've been using mapping nibs to get a varied line, from spidery to blotchy, but they tend to break and clog when used that way - these nibs are incredibly springy and go really smoothly... such joy!
And I just found out that there's two other kinds of nibs, extra fine ones and extra smooth ones... I am absolutely going to get my hands on them!


el gato said...
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el gato said...

what i meant to say was that the g-nib is amazing, but i'm prefer the zebra g nib to the deleter (nikko). haven't tried the tachikawa yes, but i'm still getting my feet wet with the whole nib thing and having a hard time finding a reliable source online. using at present but would love to know if you have a hook up.

nice work, btw!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello! is my source for deleter nibs - they reliably stock a big range, but only deleter (and brush pens). - I really, really like the saji nibs as well. Am trying out different inks at the moment... all very exciting :)