Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am feeding the shredder. I remember reading an article in a lady's magazine ("twelve steps to a happy home" or something) that said Your Bin Is Your Friend, Feed Him.
That's the motto of the moment... I spent most of yesterday clearing out, producing four binbags full of shreds and four more of clutter and a big box for charity. I also hoovered until the hoover overheated. Today I'll keep going, and when I've definitely chucked all that's chuckable and polished all that should shine I'll start writing the new book!
Really necessary, this, I noticed yesterday morning that there was a whole bag of SHRED THIS hiding behind the paper recycling, and then suddenly thought HANG ON what's the point in keeping a huge archive of every bit of paper that I ever found interesting for a minute? And almost every letter I ever got? And reference material for college projects??? So that gets sorted, too, now... Aaah, feels so good to get rid of stuff! And I have a proper photo album at last, too!
So, see you in a couple of days with new and exciting stuff (I already bought a load of gouache, ready to be tried out)!

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