Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chicken? What?

Ah! A bit double-booked, today. I got a meeting - thought of a new comic-style adventure picture book - but I also somehow somehow agreed to cook chicken teriyaki for guests today. I don't actually quite know what chicken teriyaki is. Well I do now, since I looked it up... and it needs... marinating??? - NOOOOO!

Ah well.

Watched "James Bond: A View To A Kill" yesterday (being fond of Christopher Walken, who looks like he's got a stiff lower back, like me, but quite unstoppable - very inspirational).
As always, I was amazed how Roger Moore's eyes swivel. If you watch it in fast forward (maybe to get to the Walken scenes... or something) it's mesmerising, this static pink face with flitting eyeballs... then a blur of bodies... and horses... then the pink face again, and the eyes, the eyes...

Here's a speedy green horse for you:

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