Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can it be true? Yes. Something's appearing.

May I just announce that I have thrown myself into a new battle with my website and started putting it up at and how I do wish I could afford Dreamweaver, I remember being able to actually make everything look like I meant it to.

I was going to animate a horde of Samurai rats for this, but then I figured better to get something up quick while I'm in the mood and settled for a painted loo-roll instead. For now. And as soon as the bloody menu works properly, I'll add samples and all the other schnarf.

D'you think I need a review section with press blah?

Arf - and I forgot a link for the the PUBLISHED & UPCOMING BOOKS section. I guess I need that. Arrh I might just stick them in the biography section. Surely that's ok? Or have some clickable characters run along the bottom of the page in a row? Or both?

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