Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Biographies... again ...

I'm writing a new autheur biographee pour moi... again...
I really don't like doing that, have I said that before? Things you didn't know about Viviane: one: she really really doesn't like writing biographies.
This time I'm being veeery professional. Normally I go through life stages and education - they like stuff about childhood ("she always wanted to write, blabla"), and it always comes out as... well, a bit sad. I got bullied a lot in school, and of course that had something to do with having a lot of time by myself to think up stories and scribble into little notebooks. But really, I think I would have done that anyway. Now no one bullies me, and what am I doing? Happily scribbling and making stuff up. Also it feels a bit like I'm empowering the stupid bullies, in retrospect, like "thanks for kicking me in the gut, guys, really kick-started my career, duh!" - So now I'm remembering that it's pretty great to be making books, and I'm not so sour any more about not having a husband and children and a family home with a well-stocked fridge. It could be worse. I could have a husband I don't like, a cramped house, no children and still do all the shopping, for example, and still have to write a chirpy author's bio. Or have no head and live in a teapot.
So I'm writing from that point of view. Life's good.
But still, there really isn't an awful lot to be said... I like to wake up, imagine high adventure, write it down, have a tasty breakfast, let my birds fly around the studio, paint, yawn, read, eat some more and watch a fantasy film before bed, and inbetween go for walks and maybe make a toy or bake some biscuits. I think taht's good enough,a dn I've written something along those lines.
Good! So... time for a tasty snack! Hey no... a tasty dinner no less!
:) Yay!


Steph said...

Well...you just can't rush things if you're going to do things right-find the right person to marry etc. I have so many friends who FREAKED out just before turning 30 and got married to whoever they happened to be with at the time and now, they're getting divorced buz it wasn't the right person...

You life sounds wonderful! Cuilinary adventures, writing adventures, art adventures, creating things that have never been....good friends- birds! Good stuff- and I think really appreciating all of the simple stuff makes life so much damn fun!


Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes, I recently realised I'm actually very happy. It's a bit odd, but every time I tried to think "what do other people do? I'll just try that" it didn't really work.
If I could just have that tailbone fixed - that's the main thing bothering me, I'd like to be able to sit down whenever I like, even when I haven't got a cushion with a hole handy. It really gets me down sometimes, that.