Saturday, July 28, 2007


My mum found a story I wrote and illustrated when I was nineteen years old or so. It's one of a lot that I sent to a German publisher, along with a huge wad of other ideas, all original drawings, all of them un-copied because I naively thought I'd see them again (never send originals, folks!) and the photocopy shop was so expensive - they lost the whole lot. Including the original lovingly hand-stapled "Shark and Lobster". So much work! Grrrr.

This seems to be a rough, so it survived.

Maybe I'll do something with it, I have a slightly perverse urge to remember and reconstruct every story these guys lost, make them into books and sell them elsewhere... not that I'm cross they didn't buy any, just that they lost it all and never reacted when I asked for it back, and it wasn't even a cold call - they asked me to send them stuff.
I wonder... maybe I got the address wrong and it never got there??

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