Sunday, June 3, 2007

To Do...

I'm working my way through the novelty book... once this is all done, I'll just need to do the cover - and add pink paw pads to all the cats digitally. Forgot to paint them on before they went off to be scanned. Joy.
The big SOD THAT in the top right corner refers to the idea that positioning the simpler spreads on the computer might save time. I did one that way yesterday and it made me murderous. They'll all be cut-and-sellotape now, and scanned right at the end.
I do like working on this book, but I don't think I'll ever enjoy the phase where everything gets shifted around by degrees and half-inches and every time anything moves I need to re-consider the speech bubbles. Why are speech bubbles so annoying??? It should be easy. A big balloon with a tail elegantly pointing at someone's mouth.
Yah, but it's a balloon that has to fit the right words and float up into just the right space without looking forced or tugged around or even - noooooo! - detached.

At least the cats are enjoying themselves.

I'm having an ace time, really. Today I was up and running errands so early (see list: "Get paper positional from Dan") that everyone in the street was still saying "Good Morning" (in London!) and I was one of the earliest customers at the Fish-mongers, by house of said Dan. And all that after writing a chapter of novel already. Madness.


Steph said...

Great expression on that kitty!

Glad to hear things are so good!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Mhm is all good. Am looking forward to Thursday though, after the deadline, that'll be one big siesta.