Friday, June 1, 2007


Well, I did go to IKEA. I came back bearing a big blue bag of food-stuffs, lingonberry-cordial, breadmix, wee little chocolate horses, and a new alarm clock... I almost bought this before. I didn't. Now I did.
It's called SLABANG. It's got a rubber casing, so you can bash it. It's got REALLY BIG DIGITS. It's got a microphone, so you can leave yourself messages to wake yourself up with. Such a step up from sticking post-its to my face before bed.

It's always roasting hot when I go to IKEA. Maybe because when the sky is blue and the sun is hot I think: hmmm it won't rain. Rain is bad when you just been to IKEA because of the big blue bags, they fill right up and your storage solutions get soggy, and you dislocate your arm because you'd bought exactly what you could carry and didn't allow for the weight of rainwater.
So my head got completely roasted, and I thought of another ghost story.
If I keep this writing speed up maybe I can write a small series of scary stories, while I'm in the groove...

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