Monday, June 25, 2007

New Start

Today I am starting the next official project... none of that piddling about for practise. It's ambitious all right, so I decided to clear off the Big Pinboard, which has carried notes for another story for... ooof, months and months. LAYERS of notes. And bits of red thread connecting them. I photographed the lot, printed them off and stuffed them into the heavy folder that's collected notes for that particular story (high adventure featuring rats, see above) for the last five years or so, and now I'm all set for the new book.

Slightly frightening, but... joyous. Yes.

While scouring the computer for things to print out I also came across a story I started in 2000 which is actually sort of not bad. I'd forgotten about it, and I have no idea how it goes on from where I stopped writing 7 years ago... but I printed it out and covered it in corrective squiggles anyway.


Steph said...

How great to have your story coming to life after all of these years! Sometimes stories need the time to work themselves out- Can't wait to see it!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

I just need to work out how it goes on, still... it's back to life, but it's not moving on yet.
I just bought a pretty little notebook which should be just the thing for thinking about it in.