Tuesday, June 12, 2007



I practically fell out of bed this morning thinking OH NO I HAVE TO DO A SCHOOL VISIT TODAY AND I HAVEN'T PACKED but then I remembered that's tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'll do that again then. Today I just grumbled, had some coffee and an allergy pill (what for? Something. Probably some grass out there) settled back and wrote some more. And I came to the end of one part of the book, and realised that I had to change narrators. I didn't see that coming... but I found I had a spare narrator saved up earlier in the story, and after some patching and re-writing they were ready to take over. Then I realised that this meant that the book needed a little first chapter before the first chapter, and I wrote that, too. Alexis came to say good morning at some point and I just made hissy noises at him because it was all Delicate Operations. Now it's all tidy again, and ready for tomorrow morning. I might finish the whole thing this week!

But first I got to go and cook porridge and wait for the all-clear on some new roughs for the Very Last Spread of the Picture Book I Sort Of Finished But Not Quite But Really Really Almost and paint a cosy blue blanket while I'm waiting.

Slept not so well because I cleaned my face with Cold Cream, experimentally, because every old person with lovely skin seems to have been using it all their life. But it smelled so much of Lavender or something that I kept waking up thinking someone else was in the room. Nice smooth skin now though!

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