Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last of the Yellow Cats (and the red and the blue ones too I say)

I'm just scanning the last few cats (mm, wasn't all finished after all, was it) and sending them off. I had a stupid day yesterday, too hot and muggy for me, and when I'd almost finished painting for the day I went to check on the budgies, slipped on the stairs, banged my knee and bent my ankle, not very bad but enough to make me decide that it was enough for the day and that I didn't really need to finish painting that cover yet.

I've saved today's writing onto my little memory stick marked NOVELS and it's really almost all done now, except that I realised today how much I'd changed the tone of the narrator's voice over time. I'll finish it and put it away for some weeks and then I'm sure it'll be easy to edit one way or the other (at the moment I'm not sure if he should talk more like he does in the beginning or more like towards the end).
Now I'm getting ready for my school visit - I got all the things-to-show in my big red handbag and I think I can walk there despite my bruised knee...

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