Thursday, June 28, 2007

Homes for Thoughts

The pinboard is filling up with new ideas. Yesterday we decided that the thing to do when writing a story together is to work from the top down, work out a really solid structure, set the characters, and only fill it in last thing (still allowing playing around with ideas independently). That seemed to work, the whole story started to come to life in a way that it hadn't done before, and now there's a list of chapters.

Besides that, I am thinking more and more story ideas these days... I just went out to treat myself to a fancy little hand-bound journal which feels just like the perfect thing to be filled up with pretty little idea, sentences, characters, things that might fit into the world I am trying to build without having to lead anywhere.
I have another sketchbook on the go which is a plain A5 Seawhite, but that's sometimes a little too plain. It's perfect for taking to meetings and scrawling around in, and generally working out practical things. It's my problem-solving book. Then there's my notebook, which always ends up being the most interesting because it's where I take down bits of information that seem useful in some way or another, like quotes, numbers, names, shopping lists, books someone tells me to read. There isn't a single "serious" drawing in there. It's just traces of passing thoughts. Phone doodles and waiting room thoughts.
Then there's the Story Notebook, that's a very recent thing - a big fat narrow-lined notebook where I write down anything that seems like part of a story. That one's fun for me to look through when bored - it's like flicking through TV channels and every one has something on that's sort of familiar.
Anyway, that's one thing I have learned works for me: never to deny myself a new piece of stationery when it feels useful, and never to feel like I have to fill a sketchbook or notebook up if it's gone dead. I normally just cut the blank pages out of the back (if it's not a fancy binding) and use them for scrap.
Anyway, with the acquisition of this latest little pretty journal I have reached that rare and happy point when it feels like there's a full set of books ready to be used for whatever I might want to think and do right now.

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