Monday, June 25, 2007



I say it's the week-end. I worked all of the real week-end. So today I get to ponder and fuss.
I noticed at someone's house yesterday that they had loads of real paper photographs all over the place, which I liked - I really got bored with the digital photo albums people carry around their necks or on their ipods or laptops. Always too many pictures to click through and such a headache. When I was small we had a drawer full of photographs, and stacks of albums. In the drawer you could dig through them without loading times, and in the albums you had to make some sort of a decision what to include. People NOTICE if they've taken the same picture 20 times over as soon as they try and stick it into an album. Not so with digital pictures, mostly. My iPhoto folder is so dull (even after regular editing) that I never feel like looking at it, or backing any of it up.


Looots of pictures of birds.

So I asked the paper-photograph-collection-owners if they had them printed at the shop, and they said no, they used an internet service.
So now I have a new obsession of the day. Why did I never think of that before?? This is so brilliant... Getting real photographs in the post!!! WHEE!!!

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