Monday, June 18, 2007


I am pretty sure that there's only one day's worth of writing left in the ghost story. I got everybody lined up waiting for the big monster to appear, and what am I doing? Drinking coffee and starting to think about all the things that I will need to edit earlier on in the story. Getting totally distracted watching my birds (Helga is insisting on being fed by Henry - Thingummy is shouting at Helga - why??)
I think I might de-camp to a different place to try and write this last scene. But first - some more picture book work needs doing.
Irritating. I really thought I'd be writing THE END by now.

Successful big dinner yesterday though. We cooked a big Thai style meal. Turned out coconut was jinxed that day though. First I noticed the sachet of coconut agar that was meant for topping the flower pudding had unexpected dark bits in it, which at closer examination weren't spice because they had antennae. And lots of legs. And wings. So I didn't use it. Then I opened a tin of coconut milk, poured half over the pudding, noticed that it had fermented in the tin, carefully washed the pudding in the sink (ever done that? Weird) and bought a new tin. Which tasted impossibly of soap. Went out AGAIN and bought a third one, and a packet of instant coconut milk, and a bar of creamed coconut which was ok, so: Green Curry and Flower Pudding after all.

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