Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Mice

Oh ye mild-mannered people, recoil... I spent another night hunting and killing mice. My hoover has finally conked out a few days ago and they are feasting on bird-seed already. Now I'm fortifying myself with coffee to go out and look for a new hoover. One with a long cable. Mm. Exciting.

I'm reading "Of Mice and Men" alongside a horror book from the pound shop and the second volume in Garth Nix' latest series. It's sort of an odd mix, but it works.
My own ghost story is still growing, I guess I finished the first third now. I find reading lots of different books helps with writing, it lowers the threshold - I don't have to sit down and try and get my brain into the right mode, instead I just imagine the book was already there and then throw the reverse switch and write it instead of reading it.

I do think I want to write a fantasy epic one day. I sometimes make plans, but the only thing I'm completely sure about is that I definitely won't have elves. Not a one.

Here's a pink beastie.


Dave Shelton said...

i heartily recommend the Henry Hoover. It's the best. None of that Dyson nonsense.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Got one upstairs! Red and smiley and all! I just want to get a small extra one to clean around the birdcages every day... with a cable, none of that rechargeable business again... I got my eye on a Pet Patrol Red Devil but that might just be me going for silly names again. Wouldn't it be good if they made a Mini Henry...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Bit slack of me actually not to have lugged that Henry downstairs yet, and to just moan about mouse plague instead.
Shall fetch him now and remedy situation.