Thursday, May 31, 2007

Almost finished...

Hah! There's not all that much work left on the cat book. And then it'll still take an awfully long time until it's printed and out... it's always strange, that, finishing a book and only after more than a year it turns up in the shops at last. I'm planning to get a whole lot of projects going in the meantime, if I get the time I might write some short stories and draw things especially for the website, just to have some more stuff out there.
I had some spare time after today's meeting, waiting for some print-outs to come through, and I chatted about the ghost story I'm writing. Made me realise that it's actually slightly more frightening that I expected... Well, I hope it ends the right way. If it ends dreadfully I'll put it in a drawer and start the next thing, if it ends well I'll send it out to the world.

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